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Time-Domain Techniques

The research focus of the ICESTARS partners Fachhochschule Oberösterreich (Upper Austria University of Applied Science), NXP, Infineon and Wuppertal University has been on the development of a new generation of time-domain and mixed time-frequency domain Radio Frequency (RF) simulation engines. Traditional RF algorithms were developed at a time when the problem sizes was significantly smaller and the analogue and digital parts were not integrated on the same die. Present RF circuits, however, feature a sharp increase in digital content with analogue parts being increasingly replaced by their digital counterparts. The sharp drop in performance of existing RF simulators as far as robustness, speed and memory requirements are concerned necessitates the development of novel algorithms capable to efficiently simulate RF circuits comprising signals with steep slopes as well as multirate (multitone) circuits.

Work package leader: Hans-Georg Brachtendorf (Upper Austria University of Applied Science, Austria)


The objectives are

to develop a novel wavelet-based simulator engine for simulating mixed analogue/digital circuits and

to develop fast and reliable envelope methods based on the multirate PDE method.