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EM Analysis and Coupled EM Circuit Analysis

The ICESTARS partners Magwel, NXP and University of Cologne extract and verify the compact models for both active and passive devices  by computation of their local interactions using electromagnetic (EM) field simulations. These field simulations represent the behaviour of these devices in the frequency range between 10 and 100 GHz. Coupling of circuit and EM simulation has been enabled, making use of the advanced features developed in the Time Domain and Frequency Domain workpackages. This has been the most important part of the project, as it will lead to a much more accurate representation or results.

Electromagnetic (EM) simulation is needed to model high-frequency and high-speed circuits and devices and absolutely necessary to accurately verify the interactions between devices in the RF front-end at very high frequencies. Regarding the mere scale of EHF band communication front-ends it is impossible to run full simulations at the level of detail an EM analysis offers. Therefore EM analysis only looks at a small part of the total design, while the rest of the circuit is simulated at a higher level of abstraction.

Work package leader: Wim Schoenmaker (Magwel, Belgium)


The objectives are

the support of circuit model development of devices by applying first-principle evaluation of electromagnetic responses

the replacement of circuit models by full-wave characterizations and the allowance of these approaches directly in the time regime.

To achieve these goals both a transient field solver for semiconductors and large-signal electromagnetic fields and a circuit-field co-simulation framework will be constructed.